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Baggage Labels Tags
Opportunities of a continuing evolving market
Each operator in the air transport sector is compelled to search for all opportunities capable to cut down costs and add competitiveness. This pressure has driven us study and develop new ways and techniques to offer quality baggage labels tags more conveniently for interested companies in the sector.

The goal: make you save without compromising quality Our primary objective is to allow operators in the airport handling services (airlines agents, airports) to reach substantial savings in providing stocks of baggage labels tags, without renouncing on quality coupled with a modern service of Information and Communication Technology.

How: new technologies, more productivity, less rejects
In 2003 a new printing device has been installed in Etika Italiana specifically designed to produce baggage labels with high productivity standards. This installation applies the last findings of printing technology to achieve quality products at costs that are meant to meet the ever demanding needs of economic competitiveness of today air transport market.
High productivity is assisted with tools and instruments that guarantee that technical parameters are constantly met in the production process. The positive outcome of these tools does not concern solely quality; a reduced waste, fewer rejects, a production achieved in a shorter amount of time is substantially less expensive.


Boarding Cards
Etika Italiana following its aim to propose quality products at competitive prices for the air transport industry is actively involved in the development of a new production of boarding cards.
These products will be offered as soon as our internal tests will be completed.
The production is envisaged in the usual approach of quality and innovation that characterises the production of Etika.


The Service
Ease of Management through a single Reference
Contacts with customers are managed via the operations room. This centre controls directly all production lines with complete authority. From its position of resource manager and assigning production priorities, the operations room is the only and most reliable interface for our customers. A single reference eases each customer's request with answers coming from the highest hierarchy of the company.

Planning under control : Online Tracking of orders.
Interpersonal communication is very important for us, and we believe that quality of communication can be improved further leaving to our customers the decision of being helped with the use of our online tools. Beyond office hours, every time it is needed, the progress of each transaction can be checked with fresh and reliable information. Our customers access an Internet reserved area where they verify each detail of the current situation. We call this "Situation Awareness" here customers can consult open orders, suspended orders, previous orders, the situation related to the production lines, products on delivery and order history. Data is hourly updated by our ERM System (Enterprise Resource Management).

To Destination: Online Tracking of Deliveries
Shipment data is available in the reserved area of the website with Internet LINKS leading to the tracking systems of relevant shipping companies (UPS, DHL, TNT and more). The status of each shipment and delivery is immediately traced. .

Synchronizing stocks in accordance with one's needs
On-line data with the operations room allow each customer to manage a remote stock anticipating or delaying deliveries. Data coming from both the different production shifts, and from the shipping companies inform customers with the real advancement of their orders and leaves them the possibility to act in accordance with their emerging needs.. Whether they need to face an unexpected demand or problems of space, constraining the volumes of stocks, every situation can be managed appropriately jointly with the operations room.

Getting to know us without costs and without risks
As the design (sizes and graphics) of baggage tags is different among operators and agents, we developed a methodology that ensures both parties that the product will respond to the expectations with absolute confidence.
This simple procedure starts with the analysis of a single sample (a roll of labels currently used by the potential customer). Through this item we collect all the relevant information (size, type of material, die-punch details, graphics) needed for a replica. Afterwards when the analysis is completed and all data is collected a sample is produced and subjected to internal tests. If we are satisfied with the internal tests we submit sample rolls to the potential customers for a field testing (test to be held in the real working environment). The result of the field testing leads to the approval or revision of the test.

This procedure is depicted in the previous image. In normal cases the time span for a test is 4-5 weeks starting from the arrival of the customer's sample roll.
We remark this as obvious that To achieve the test no involvement and no expense is required to potential customers.

Our only request is a sincere and informal interest in testing our quality with a positive attitude towards the possibility to introduce us as a complementary provider to the current ones. If the testing is considered successful, further contacts will be developed to analyse a quotation based on an estimated consumption, or targeted to the particular needs of the potential client.




Test Interno

Field Testing



The Future
Advertising: a way to reduce costs or add profits?
Etika Italiana can also develop projects to offer to its interested clients, the commercial exploitation of some areas of baggage tags and boarding cards. Baggage tags, and boarding cards are travel documents that are quite persistent among personal belongings, often more visibile than other media.

These together with other characteristics make the labels and boarding card an interesting medium to diffuse advertising messages.

Etika with its forty years of history serving the most important industrial entities in Italy and Europe is well introduced in relevant advertisement agencies, often the same agencies that are in charge of marketing and design of products are the same empowered with publicity budgets.

But to reach this goal contacts with advertising agencies is not the only problem, synchronising the messages with stocks consumption is another concern so is the increase in the costs of production for different graphics.

The future: Hybrid RFID e Smart Labels
Etika is also engaged in the proposal of projects for the introduction of new intelligent labels. As producers of both traditional labels and smart labels we are in the best perspective to help and advise independently our potential customer,on the real costs and benefits deriving from the introduction of FID and related technologies (Radio Frequency Identification).

We are able to solve functional problems, "reading" constraints, safety problems, traceability problems, or to implement simple economic or structural savings.

Each project and initiative has to be submitted to the evaluation of realistic ROI (Return Of Investment) which must include the "hidden costs" of both conventional and innovative technologies. This type of competence and expertise is exclusive of actors such as Etika who deeply know the sector operating many years in real working contexts. This knowledge is part of the value that we make available to our customers in the analysis of a project for the introduction of smart labels in an operative environments.



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