:-) I'm happy :^) I've broken my nose
;-) I'm being cheeky/sarcastic :-& I'm tongue-tied
:-( I'm upset/depressed/angry -:-) I'm a punk rocker
;- I'm making rude suggestions! -:-( Er, real punks don't smile...
(-: I'm left-handed :-l Sorry, that was a stupid. Thing to say
%-) I've been staring at a screen for 10 hours straight ':-) Someone shaved off one of my eyebrows!
:*) I'm drunk ,:-) Same thing... other side
B-) I'm wearing sunglasses... |-l I'm going to sleep
B:-) ...on my head |-O I'm bored/yawning/snoring
:-{) I've got a moustache :-Q I smoke...
:-{} I'm wearing lipstick :-? ... a pipe!
:-)~ I'm drooling O:-) I'm an angel!
:-~) I've got a cold :-D I'm laughing
:'-( I've been crying :-X My lips are sealed
:-@ I'm gonna scream! :-o Uh-oh!
:-# I wear braces [:-) I'm wearing a Walkman