Etika Italiana was founded in 1964, as a joint venture by the Bolzoni family and Mr. Jackstadt founder of Jac Compay, a world top adhesive paper producer now absorbed by Avery Dennison, the American corporation in the adhesive paper sector.

It was established in the highdensity industrial compound on the north-east side of Milan where Pirelli, Breda, Kodak and many other industries had siege.

The main feature of the company was a strive for quality. Quality for Etika means the complete satisfaction of a:

  1. Perfect Reproduction of the Client’s mock-up,
  2. Complete fulfillment of the agreed Datasheet
  3. Perfect functionality both in the application phase and shelves permanence
  4. Constance of the former three points on iterative orders

This policy led Etika Italiana to be  a supplier of the best Multinational Companies operating in Italy.

Those companies vary in  different sectors and embrace   Food, Chemical,  Wine, Pharma,  Toileteries, Cosmetic industry. An index of names is placed on the end of this book as  a reference of the hystorical roots of the company.

Etika in a further attempt of increasing its performance and to meet market’s new trends concentrated its attention towards two aspects: SPEED and FLEXIBILITY.

These two dimensions are key in maintaining a cornerstone with the four above mentioned principles.

It is then a deliberate choice of Etika to restrain from a quantitative expansion of its operations in order to maintain its high performing standards of speed, flexibility in complex multinational and multicultural environments.