Whatever may be the reason that has brought you here, an unpredictable lack of items, a delay from your traditional supplier, an unexpected increase of demand, a sudden new contract, a warehouse problem, Or whether it is a deliberate decision, you just decided to abolish the costs of warehousing, avoid the risks from a fluctuating demand, o your company does not want to keep cash and liquidity stuck in inventory…

Whatever the reason we can offer you what is for others very difficult, emergency and rescue productions and deliveries in 24 h.


When choosing Etika Italiana you join an environment where products and services are studied and tailored to exploit the maximum benefit for you and your company wherever you are in the world. Experts and professionals are there helping you in choosing the best product services and strategies. They aim to maximize your efficiency and competitiveness in your sector and business area.


Whether you are on the other side of the globe or near we will do everything to make you feel special, confident and comfortable as you are with your favorite cornershop. Etika Italiana has designed its business to operate internationally with a multicultural and multilingual approach, for us it is important that you are treated and satisfied as the most valuable guest.
The quality of our people, their kindness and professionalism are an ever ready resource capital for your business . You and us, together with our complementary easy and straightforward online tools will achieve a pleasant and profitable service that will work to increase your success in whatever sector you operate.

Some of our clients think we are bringing luck as a talisman would do, maybe so, we just believe that our effort in keeping their target of improvement and profit increase is the real explanation for their success. We hope you will soon be joining these success stories.


We have incentive programs for our clients. Please enquiry with us for what may be appropriate in order to exploit all the advantages of trading with Etika Italiana.