3 June 2019  Etika  events

The luxury packaging trade fair that dictates creativity and innovations terms.


On May the 29th Etika Italiana participated at Packaging Premiere trade fair in Fieramilanocity, the flagship event for the luxury packaging exhibition.

The world of luxury is visionary, must anticipate times, seasons and tastes, and since we always want to innovate and improve, the participation in a fair of this caliber was crucial, because we want our self-adhesive labels to be always original and in advance of trends.

Packaging Première presents the previews, offer space for sperimentation and innovation and hepls managers to understand the trends, speeding up decision-making time to allow companies to reach the market sooner.

Packaging Première is an exclusive exhibition, that puts in contact designer, luxury packaging producers and the great international brands which want to entrust the case of its products to forms that carry around the world the unmistakable sign of the top of the range.

The luxury packaging is a world of its own, marking what will be the trend. Dominated by the high brands personality, it’s expressed through innovative and original forms, based on a production chain designed to pursue excellence, and Packaging Première valorizes its entire industry.



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