26 October 2021  Etika  products

The Plastic Tax was introduced by the legislator with the 2020 budget law, implementing Directive No. 2019/904 / EU dated 5 June 2019 on the “reduction of the incidence of certain plastic products on the environment”.

The Budget Law 2020 (Law No. 160 dated 27 December 2019) establishes the consumption tax on MACSI (single-use plastic manufactured goods):

  • Which have or are intended to have the function of containing, protecting, handling or delivering goods or food products;
  • Also in the form of sheets, films or strips, which are made with the use, even partial, of plastic materials consisting of organic polymers of synthetic origin
  • They are not designed or placed on the market to make multiple transfers during their life cycle or to be reused for the same purpose for which they were designed (single use).

Following the Sostegni Bis Decree (Article 9, Legislative Decree no. 73/2021), on 26/05/2021, the entry into force of the tax was extended to the 1 of January 2022.

The Council of Ministers approved the “Budget Planning Document for 2022”, with which it postpones compliance to 2023.

Attentive to the environmental impacts of its business, Etika Italiana has assessed the relevance of the plastic products used and informs its customers, that they are not subject to the tax payment.





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